Wrong Way Schuler – Drunk, High or Diabetic?

Eight people died when Diane Schuler drove her minivan down the wrong way on Taconic State Parkway on July 26. Was she drunk? Stoned on marijuana? Did she suffer a mini-stroke? Was she diabetic?

The autopsy report confirms that Schuler’s blood alcohol content at the time of the crash was .19, almost twice the legal limit and certainly enough to impair motor skills. Diane Schuler’s husband maintains that she was not drunk, and hired a private investigator and attorney Dominic Barbara to delve further into the case.

Barbara initially offered that Schuler’s diabetes or a mysterious lump in her leg could have caused the wreck, and that it’s possible that the sugar in her blood was turned into alcohol from the heat of the crash. I hope a chemist or someone else with a Bunsen burner reads this and can answer that for me because I don’t have a clue. Is that plausible? Can sugar in the body turn into alcohol in such a scenario? Or do we have a copy-cat of the first miracle at the wedding at Cana?

Where’s Ducky when you need him.

Daniel Schuler related Tues that he thinks his wife may have had a stroke, something to do with her teeth? Huh? Where does that tie in to the diabetes and water to wine – I mean sugar to alcohol – theory?

Better yet, where does that tie in to the evidence of her recent marijuana ingestion within 15 minutes to an hour prior to the crash?

Oh, and let’s not forget about the busted up, open bottle of Absolut vodka police found in the van she was driving. Although they can’t confirm Absolut-ley that Diane is the one that ingested the substance, if not her – who? If her young passengers were passing the bottle around, then the least she is probably guilty of is providing alcohol to minors and/or child endangerment or somesuch.

Toxicology reports provided no clues to excessive alcohol use or alcoholism, but what does that prove? Not a thing. Because someone is plastered today doesn’t mean they’ve been abusing alcohol for years. My liver is in great shape according to recent blood work and I haven’t had a drink in ages, so I think I’ll head out to my local watering hole tonight and test that theory. Of course I’ll give someone else my keys if I do.

Now they’re exhuming her body to get a hair sample in an attempt to prove or refute prior drug or alcohol abuse. If it shows evidence of long term substance abuse, case closed. But if evidence in her locks is lacking, then what? I still maintain that you can be drunk or high today without having the track record of a lush, so we’ve gained no ground.

I know I’ll be bashed for this article, but evidence presented thus far shows the woman was driving while under the influence of alcohol and psychoactive drugs and eight people are dead as a result. If it is further proven that some other mysterious malady was the cause of the wreck, then she will be exonerated. I truly feel sorry for everyone affected by this horrible tragedy, but facts remain. My opinion is based on evidence available today.