Marijuana: Gift or Curse?

NORML marijuana

Think that beer after work is safer then a joint? You have been terribly misinformed. In the thousands of years of marijuana use, there have been no deaths reported. Unlike alcohol which is related to over 30,000 a year according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The marijuana plant has many uses for instance it can be made into rope or paper. Many marijuana strains are crossed with indica and sativa genetics. The difference between the two are great, sativa being the mind racing high and indica is the relaxing, couch-locked feeling.

The website “” (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws) says Marijuana is currently medically legal in 15 states and Washington D.C. Patients are allowed to cultivate marijuana with the correct paperwork or “medical card”.

Marijuana is insoluble in water but very soluble in fat which is why it can stay in the human body for up to 28 days. It can be cooked and eaten if desired, or smoked to relieve a variety of symptoms including: nausea, chronic pain, MS, loss of appetite, insomia or anxiety. Best of all, if you use it for 30 years, you wont get cirrhosis of the liver unlike the beer in your fridge will give you.

A common myth about marijuana is it’s worse then cigarettes, or causes cancer. Both of these statements are false, and haven’t been proven. In fact according to an important study by scientists in the United Kingdom, marijuana is safer then cigarettes and alcohol.

Think it still may give you cancer? Wrong. has a story about marijuana killing cancer cells. It really is, a wonder plant that heals people. Yet it is banned or regulated all around the world. Please vote to legalize or decriminalize marijuana in your state. Over 50,000 harmless marijuana users were arrested in New York alone in 2017.