Is Marijuana Dangerous?

dangers of marijuana

Is marijuana dangerous? Is beer dangerous? Is tequila dangerous? Basically, they’re all the same. They all kill brain cells. Marijuana, most likely, is no more dangerous than a shot of whiskey, yet whiskey flows like water in your local bars and taverns. Does marijuana slow the senses and impair judgment? Does beer and whiskey? Of course they do.

But beer and whiskey have never been said to be able to aid in the slowing down of certain diseases, but marijuana has. Just recently it was announced that marijuana had been shown to be effective in reducing the progress of some diseases including certain cancers and rheumatoid arthritis.

Does marijuana affect the lungs? Does alcohol affect the liver? All of those things are bad for you in one way or another and marijuana is no better or worse than alcohol or tranquilizers. The only difference is the revenue that pharmaceutical companies would lose if marijuana were to be substituted for the billions of dollars worth of drugs they produce each year.

The fact that marijuana is a cigarette and that others can be affected by the smoke is probably why so many people are against it. They’ll lift that glass of Jack Daniels and think nothing about it. But even if marijuana was legal, light up a joint in a bar and see what kind of reaction you’ll get. Well no, come to think of it, marijuana has become so popular any more that you could be bombarded with reaching hands begging for a “hit.”

Marijuana harvesting

Whether you realize it or not, marijuana is used frequently by people of all walks of life. Glance over at the businessman in the car next to you in his finely pressed suit and tie. The light stream of smoke you see trickling up from his lowered hand is probably a marijuana cigarette. That strange sweet order you noticed in your friend’s house could quite possibly be marijuana.

Smoking a marijuana cigarette is no different than sipping a beer or a mixed drink except for the smoke. Since cigarettes have become banned in most all public places, I doubt that it will ever become legalized, except possibly for medical purposes. The arguments against marijuana are redundant as the same things can be said about legal substances that have been used and abused for centuries.

For the record, I have never tried marijuana myself, but as a Christian, I know that Jesus drank wine and didn’t seem that concerned about such things. Of course, the bible says that nothing is evil in itself, but we’re not supposed to be gluttonous.

Therefore, marijuana is no more dangerous than a shot of whiskey, a couple of beers, tranquilizers or pain medication. However, it is still illegal, and from what I understand, possession of it can get you into a heap of trouble.