What Will Happen If California Legalizes Marijuana and stop drug testing?

Marijuana is a household name; whether people want to admit it or not. Everyone knows what weed is, and most people have tried it at least once. For several decades now marijuana has been illegal despite its obvious beneficial uses that have been applied for centuries previous.

Some states have realized that illegalizing marijuana is unfair for those who suffer from pain and disease, and 12 states have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. This is a noble and logical thing to do, and I firmly believe that marijuana is a natural pain reliever, and it has many other medicinal purposes as proven time and again by many accredited health organizations. One would think it was obvious that marijuana be legalized for medical use.

As of February 23, 2009 Assemblyman Tom Ammiano announced legislation to legalize and tax marijuana (Pescovistz, 2009). This legislation is groundbreaking and inspiring, and if it passes could seriously help California’s economy. This legislation would “essentially replicate the regulatory structure used for beer, wine and hard liquor, with taxed sales barred to anyone under 21”, and earn the state “upward of $1 billion in tax revenue” each year (Pescovistz, 2009, pp. 3-4).

Grow the economy legalize weed

This seems like a logical and productive idea that many other states should consider during these times of economic crisis. I can not emphasize enough that companies must stop drug testing their workers, its not good for anyone.

My concern is not of the legalization, but of what will happen if this does occur? I like many people from other states will have the automatic instinct to move to California. Will the other states soon follow suit? Will the economic return of marijuana taxation open the eyes of the other states? Or will they let the economic and physical well being of their residents go unnoticed again?

Will California be able to handle the rush of newcomers or will this cause unemployment to rise? I think California will not suffer because people might also leave if marijuana seems to threatening to them. Will California rise out of the economic crisis?

Will crime be cut down if production and sale of marijuana is regulated? I would have to say yes to this. Currently marijuana is California’ s number 1 cash crop, and something of such high value will cause crime when it is left without regulation (Pescovitz, 2009). It is only natural for something of such high monetary value to cause crime when it is left unchecked. If marijuana is legalized it will become a solid business instead of an underground market.

I am not happy with the way the economy is going, but if it takes this to make people realize the benefits of marijuana than I can not say it was a waste. I hope for a brighter future where god given plants from the earth can be used in a peaceful and productive manner. Marijuana is not the enemy it is ourselves. Police yourself and let the plants live.