Marijuana: Gift or Curse?

NORML marijuana

Think that beer after work is safer then a joint? You have been terribly misinformed. In the thousands of years of marijuana use, there have been no deaths reported. Unlike alcohol which is related to over 30,000 a year according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The marijuana plant has many uses for instance it can be made into rope or paper. Many marijuana strains are crossed with indica and sativa genetics. The difference between the two are great, sativa being the mind racing high and indica is the relaxing, couch-locked feeling.

The website “” (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws) says Marijuana is currently medically legal in 15 states and Washington D.C. Patients are allowed to cultivate marijuana with the correct paperwork or “medical card”.

Marijuana is insoluble in water but very soluble in fat which is why it can stay in the human body for up to 28 days. It can be cooked and eaten if desired, or smoked to relieve a variety of symptoms including: nausea, chronic pain, MS, loss of appetite, insomia or anxiety. Best of all, if you use it for 30 years, you wont get cirrhosis of the liver unlike the beer in your fridge will give you.

A common myth about marijuana is it’s worse then cigarettes, or causes cancer. Both of these statements are false, and haven’t been proven. In fact according to an important study by scientists in the United Kingdom, marijuana is safer then cigarettes and alcohol.

Think it still may give you cancer? Wrong. has a story about marijuana killing cancer cells. It really is, a wonder plant that heals people. Yet it is banned or regulated all around the world. Please vote to legalize or decriminalize marijuana in your state. Over 50,000 harmless marijuana users were arrested in New York alone in 2017.

Joint Efforts to Repeal Marijuana Cultivation California 2017

california marijuana legalization

You can’t grow marijuana at home, even If you live in Mendocino, California according to ballot results from Voters on Tuesday, which leaned towards repealing the state’s twelve-year old law that allowed for home-grown marijuana.
In 1996 California voted to allow limited marijuana cultivation and possession for medical purposes, and in 2000, Mendocino–a rural county north of San Francisco–voted to let its residents grow up to 25 marijuana plants, compared with the state limit of six.

Right now, according to the county clerk, one third of the vote against the plant has been counted, with 52 percent in supported of a repeal.

Local law enforcement officers say they seized 334,000 marijuana plants last year.

California’s Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana, Should the Rest of the Country Follow Suit?

As California goes so does the country? Hardly, but for decades the sunny state on the west coast has been in the forefront of bringing radical ideology out into the mainstream. First it was openly gay elected officials such as Congressman Barney Frank; then gay marriage which got rolled back to the last century this past election day; then the legalization of medical marijuana.

Now, there is a bill in front of the California legislature introduced by a Democratic Assemblyman from San Francisco (naturally), Tom Ammiano which would legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational use for persons 21 years of age and over. No worries those of you who disagree, it probably won’t pass, but Ammiano says it would help the state’s financial crisis and free up law enforcement to fight more serious crime. This will be an interesting debate for certain, and led me to do some more research on the topic.

Low and behold with a quick google I found plenty of reading material on the pro side of the discussion. We all after all know the con side. Few of us don’t know a neighbor, family or friend who has been devastated by drug abuse. In the 90’s marijuana was labeled a gateway drug for worse, far more serious abuse of hard core narcotics, amphetamines, psychedelics and pills of enormous diversity. I’m not sure that was ever proven but it seemed a reasonable argument to many former pot smokers who grew up to be parents of teenagers, and I will personally argue that street weed sold in the 90s may sometimes be laced with dangerous substances that we certainly wouldn’t want for our loved ones or ourselves to consume. But for every user who happened upon heroin or cocaine you could still find plenty who didn’t.

My google search came up with an article about marijuana and the national economy. According to Mike Moffat on, over 500 economists have endorsed the legalization of marijuana, many of them quite notable. He says in his article that the group of economists have sent a letter to the President, Congress, Governors and State Legislatures siting the savings and revenue that the country would reap if only weed were legal and taxed like other commodities. We’re talking millions and billions here not chicken feed. I suggest checking it out for anyone who doubts.

The punishment for possession of marijuana varies from a traffic ticket like fine for a first offense of a small quantity to years in prison and varies state by state; the same goes for the sale of marijuana. I’ve included the link for information of New York State penalites as an example. There is no national norm but there are federal offenses. Therefore California would probably first have to convince the federal government to legalize marijuana. I don’t think I’ll see that in my lifetime.

Proponents of legalization site the lifting of prohibition during the depression. Opponents say that’s just crazy and rightfully would be very, very slow to change the national war on drugs to exclude smoking weed. Regardless, it’s an interesting debate and one that will, given the economic state of the union, likely float to the front burner eventually.

What Will Happen If California Legalizes Marijuana and stop drug testing?

Marijuana is a household name; whether people want to admit it or not. Everyone knows what weed is, and most people have tried it at least once. For several decades now marijuana has been illegal despite its obvious beneficial uses that have been applied for centuries previous.

Some states have realized that illegalizing marijuana is unfair for those who suffer from pain and disease, and 12 states have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. This is a noble and logical thing to do, and I firmly believe that marijuana is a natural pain reliever, and it has many other medicinal purposes as proven time and again by many accredited health organizations. One would think it was obvious that marijuana be legalized for medical use.

As of February 23, 2009 Assemblyman Tom Ammiano announced legislation to legalize and tax marijuana (Pescovistz, 2009). This legislation is groundbreaking and inspiring, and if it passes could seriously help California’s economy. This legislation would “essentially replicate the regulatory structure used for beer, wine and hard liquor, with taxed sales barred to anyone under 21”, and earn the state “upward of $1 billion in tax revenue” each year (Pescovistz, 2009, pp. 3-4).

Grow the economy legalize weed

This seems like a logical and productive idea that many other states should consider during these times of economic crisis. I can not emphasize enough that companies must stop drug testing their workers, its not good for anyone.

My concern is not of the legalization, but of what will happen if this does occur? I like many people from other states will have the automatic instinct to move to California. Will the other states soon follow suit? Will the economic return of marijuana taxation open the eyes of the other states? Or will they let the economic and physical well being of their residents go unnoticed again?

Will California be able to handle the rush of newcomers or will this cause unemployment to rise? I think California will not suffer because people might also leave if marijuana seems to threatening to them. Will California rise out of the economic crisis?

Will crime be cut down if production and sale of marijuana is regulated? I would have to say yes to this. Currently marijuana is California’ s number 1 cash crop, and something of such high value will cause crime when it is left without regulation (Pescovitz, 2009). It is only natural for something of such high monetary value to cause crime when it is left unchecked. If marijuana is legalized it will become a solid business instead of an underground market.

I am not happy with the way the economy is going, but if it takes this to make people realize the benefits of marijuana than I can not say it was a waste. I hope for a brighter future where god given plants from the earth can be used in a peaceful and productive manner. Marijuana is not the enemy it is ourselves. Police yourself and let the plants live.

Is Marijuana Dangerous?

dangers of marijuana

Is marijuana dangerous? Is beer dangerous? Is tequila dangerous? Basically, they’re all the same. They all kill brain cells. Marijuana, most likely, is no more dangerous than a shot of whiskey, yet whiskey flows like water in your local bars and taverns. Does marijuana slow the senses and impair judgment? Does beer and whiskey? Of course they do.

But beer and whiskey have never been said to be able to aid in the slowing down of certain diseases, but marijuana has. Just recently it was announced that marijuana had been shown to be effective in reducing the progress of some diseases including certain cancers and rheumatoid arthritis.

Does marijuana affect the lungs? Does alcohol affect the liver? All of those things are bad for you in one way or another and marijuana is no better or worse than alcohol or tranquilizers. The only difference is the revenue that pharmaceutical companies would lose if marijuana were to be substituted for the billions of dollars worth of drugs they produce each year.

The fact that marijuana is a cigarette and that others can be affected by the smoke is probably why so many people are against it. They’ll lift that glass of Jack Daniels and think nothing about it. But even if marijuana was legal, light up a joint in a bar and see what kind of reaction you’ll get. Well no, come to think of it, marijuana has become so popular any more that you could be bombarded with reaching hands begging for a “hit.”

Marijuana harvesting

Whether you realize it or not, marijuana is used frequently by people of all walks of life. Glance over at the businessman in the car next to you in his finely pressed suit and tie. The light stream of smoke you see trickling up from his lowered hand is probably a marijuana cigarette. That strange sweet order you noticed in your friend’s house could quite possibly be marijuana.

Smoking a marijuana cigarette is no different than sipping a beer or a mixed drink except for the smoke. Since cigarettes have become banned in most all public places, I doubt that it will ever become legalized, except possibly for medical purposes. The arguments against marijuana are redundant as the same things can be said about legal substances that have been used and abused for centuries.

For the record, I have never tried marijuana myself, but as a Christian, I know that Jesus drank wine and didn’t seem that concerned about such things. Of course, the bible says that nothing is evil in itself, but we’re not supposed to be gluttonous.

Therefore, marijuana is no more dangerous than a shot of whiskey, a couple of beers, tranquilizers or pain medication. However, it is still illegal, and from what I understand, possession of it can get you into a heap of trouble.

California to Voted on Legalizing Marijuana in 2017

california marijuana legalisation vote

An announcement Californians and marijuana users around the nation have been eagerly awaiting was finally made this morning. One of three petitions circulating for signatures to put legalizing marijuana on the 2010 ballot has gained enough signatures. 650,000 signatures supporting legalizing marijuana have been gathered, far exceeding the necessary 434,000. Those signatures have yet to be certified by the state, but backers are confident there will be no problem with certification.

Those 650,000 signatures could mark the beginning of a modern day American revolution. If the ballot measure passes, Californians over age 21 would be able to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, and grow their own plants on a plot up to 5 feet by 5 feet large. These guidelines were specifically designed to duck under federal standards for investigating and prosecuting marijuana growers, in an effort to avoid the federal versus state conflict California experienced when it legalized marijuana for medical purposes over ten years ago.

california weed

Proponents are confident this measure will allow compliant marijuana users to avoid federal prosecution and pave the way for the rest of the nation to follow in California’s footsteps.

Supporters of the measure often point out that marijuana is considerably safer than alcohol when used in accordance with existing laws. They also point to California’s disastrous budget as a rationale for legalization – legalization would decrease police, prison and court costs, while increasing tax revenues.

Opponents of the measure dispute these claims, and insist legalization will only lead to bigger drug problems. But, in a state seriously hurting financially, the argument of lower costs and increased revenues has a good chance of emerging victorious. And, our terrible economy may have given an unintentional boost to marijuana use, consequently support for legalization, as people seek relief from financially induced stress.

California would not be the first place to legalize marijuana if it passes this bill. In early November, voters in Breckenridge, Colorado overwhelmingly decided smoking marijuana would no longer be considered a crime. The Breckenridge measure easily passed with a 73/27 vote, a feat Californians can probably only dream of achieving. Recent polls indicate that 56% of Californians are supportive of the idea, but of course only a vote will tell with any certainty. Soon it will be up to the marijuana smokers to defy stereotypes, get off their couches, put the munchies down for a minute, and go out and cast their votes for legalization. Let the revolution begin.

Wrong Way Schuler – Drunk, High or Diabetic?

Eight people died when Diane Schuler drove her minivan down the wrong way on Taconic State Parkway on July 26. Was she drunk? Stoned on marijuana? Did she suffer a mini-stroke? Was she diabetic?

The autopsy report confirms that Schuler’s blood alcohol content at the time of the crash was .19, almost twice the legal limit and certainly enough to impair motor skills. Diane Schuler’s husband maintains that she was not drunk, and hired a private investigator and attorney Dominic Barbara to delve further into the case.

Barbara initially offered that Schuler’s diabetes or a mysterious lump in her leg could have caused the wreck, and that it’s possible that the sugar in her blood was turned into alcohol from the heat of the crash. I hope a chemist or someone else with a Bunsen burner reads this and can answer that for me because I don’t have a clue. Is that plausible? Can sugar in the body turn into alcohol in such a scenario? Or do we have a copy-cat of the first miracle at the wedding at Cana?

Where’s Ducky when you need him.

Daniel Schuler related Tues that he thinks his wife may have had a stroke, something to do with her teeth? Huh? Where does that tie in to the diabetes and water to wine – I mean sugar to alcohol – theory?

Better yet, where does that tie in to the evidence of her recent marijuana ingestion within 15 minutes to an hour prior to the crash?

Oh, and let’s not forget about the busted up, open bottle of Absolut vodka police found in the van she was driving. Although they can’t confirm Absolut-ley that Diane is the one that ingested the substance, if not her – who? If her young passengers were passing the bottle around, then the least she is probably guilty of is providing alcohol to minors and/or child endangerment or somesuch.

Toxicology reports provided no clues to excessive alcohol use or alcoholism, but what does that prove? Not a thing. Because someone is plastered today doesn’t mean they’ve been abusing alcohol for years. My liver is in great shape according to recent blood work and I haven’t had a drink in ages, so I think I’ll head out to my local watering hole tonight and test that theory. Of course I’ll give someone else my keys if I do.

Now they’re exhuming her body to get a hair sample in an attempt to prove or refute prior drug or alcohol abuse. If it shows evidence of long term substance abuse, case closed. But if evidence in her locks is lacking, then what? I still maintain that you can be drunk or high today without having the track record of a lush, so we’ve gained no ground.

I know I’ll be bashed for this article, but evidence presented thus far shows the woman was driving while under the influence of alcohol and psychoactive drugs and eight people are dead as a result. If it is further proven that some other mysterious malady was the cause of the wreck, then she will be exonerated. I truly feel sorry for everyone affected by this horrible tragedy, but facts remain. My opinion is based on evidence available today.

Macujo method with Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo and Zydot ulra clean

The macujo method is the best way to get toxins out of your hair within a quite short period of time. This method requires two different hair detox shampoos, Clean and clear pink shampoo (or any other shampoo with salicylic acid, tide detergent (not a must) and white vinegar. Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo and Zydot Ultra clean are the main components of this method. Alo Rid is a very expensive shampoo, but unfortunately the Macujo method can no be executed without Aloe Rid.

Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo reviews – does it worth it?

There are mixed reviews of Nexxus Aloe Rid, but not because it doesn’t work, its because this method required the old formula of Aloe Rid, for some reasons the new formula doesn’t contains every essential chemicals to clean your hair of toxins.

So some people go straight to ebay to buy the cheapest Aloe Rid possible and then they fail the test because it wasn’t from the good batch. Its important, and I can not emphasize enough that if your job is one the line do not buy cheap detox products, they will get you fail the test and I am sure you do not want that. The old version of Aloe Rid shampoo though has excellent reviews.

Where to buy Aloe Rid detox shampoo

Nexxus aloe Rid is not available in Walmart or any other supermarket, you will have to order it online. I suggest you to do not order from ebay or from some shady webshops without checking feedbacks. It would be cool to buy Aloe Rid in Walmart, that would make everything easier, but unfortunately its not possible.

I suggest you to buy it from testclear, they sell the original old formula of Aloe Rid, you can not go wrong with them. Its kinda pricy, Zydot Ultra clean and Nexxus Aloe Rid combo together costs 235$ shipping included.

Fake Aloe Rid detox shampoo found on Amazon

It has been reported that some seller sels fake Aloe Rid shampoo on amazon.

Testclear buys the shampoo in big gallons then send it out in smaller bottles, its not the official packing, but they are legit and this way they can keep the price lower.

Some sellers on Amazon say they do the same, but they put some other cheap shampoo in the bottles and sell it for 150$ as Aloe Rid old formula detox shampoo.

Stay away from these sellers, unless you want to pay 150$ for a half bottle of Head&Shoulders. Always buy it from testclear or the sealed bottle.Check this very detailed Nexxus Aloe Rid review for more info!

Macujo method

You will need to repeat this process 8-10 times before the test, its always better to do it more times, just to be 100% safe. Wet your hair with warm water, then apply the vinegar, wash it out, then apply clear and clear pink, but the shower cap on and let it rest for a good 30-35 minutes. Then rinse your hair with water again, apply Aloe Rid old formula, wash it out again. Do this 9 times, before the test, the best if you can start it 5 days before the test.

On the last day of your treatment, right before the test, do the same hair detox routine, but this time at the end, apply the full bottle of Zydott Ultra clean detox shampoo. You should do this maximum 1-2 hours before the test. If you have done everything properly then you will pass your hair drug test guaranteed.

ps: Some blog says Nexxus aloe rid shampoo discontinued, but its not true, its still available, but like I said earlier you have to buy it from a trusted, reliable source!

How to pass a hair follicle drug test

how to pass a hair follicle drug test

The most used drug test types are: urine,saliva, blood and hair. We know everythig about urine, saliva and blood, those tests are fairly easy, but how to pass a hair follicle drug test? Well, hair strand tests are the most advanced drug test.

Passing a hair follicle test is much harder then any other drug test. While you can pass a urine drug test with synthetic urine easily (or swapping the sample) or you can mask toxins in your body with detox drink, but with hair drug test you can not use any of these tricks, there is only one way to pass a hair follicle drug test, if you permanently detox your hair. It requires an advanced cleansing method and several detox products, but THC can be removed from your hair within 3-4 days if you do everything properly.

How long does hair follicle test go back

How to pass a hair follicle testThis is what makes things tricky, while THC is present in your saliva and blood for a couple days and maximum 30 days in your urine, hair follicle can keep traces of THC for up to 90 days..yup, thats three months.

If you smoked weed 2-3 months ago, even if just one time and you got hair tested then it might shows positive on the test.

Its important to mention that 90 days is very extreme, its possible for those who are very frequent drug users. An average smoker gets clean much earlier.

How to pass a hair follicle drug test

There are three options to pass a hair follicle drug test, first and the best method is the macujo method. Second, not se good option is the jerry G method, which is very similar to macujo, but it completely ruins your hair and the third option is to shave your entire hair.

Shaving your hair to pass a hair drug test

I wouldn’t recommend the third option even if it sounds probably the easiest option. Let me remind your that those guys in the testing lab are not idiots. They know exacty whats going on. You have an upcoming hair drug test you can walk in with freshly shaved head, they will know whats going on. They can tell you to come back later with some hair on your head or they can take urine sample (supervised), saliva or even blood.

Its also important to mention that hair can be taken from anywhere of your body, it could be very akward if they start looking for hair on your body. They can take from your hair, airmpit, leg, chest, public hair even from your ass, I would never humilate myself with this. I recommend this video on how to pass a hair drug test.

The jerry G method

The Jerry G method

The jerry G method has mixed reviews some passed it some didn’t, I wouldnt recommend it, because it requires stuff like bleach, baking soda and other chemicals. It completely ruins your hair, because you have to bleach it up to 10 times until your  became completely damaged and it won’t contains traces of THC or any other drug.

This method is quite cheap tho thats why its used by many, if you do not care about your hair and scalp then you might can give it a shot, but again, it can cause permanent damage in your hair, not to mention the scalp irritation, does it worth it?

Macujo method for hair test

The macujo method is the most advanced technique to pass a hair drug test. It requires a few things such as Aloe Rid detox shampoo, Zydot ultra clean detox shampoo, Clean And Clearn Pink shampoo and white vinegar. This method help you to get rid of THC from your hair follicles within a few days.

You need to wash your hair 2-3x a day do this as many times as you want but washing it 10 times should be enough. Lets say your test in on friday, then start your hair detox treatment on monday, wash your hair 2-3x every day and you will be clean by monday.

What makes this method unpopular is the cost, Aloe Rid (old formula) with Zydott Ultra clean detox shampoo combo costs 235$. All the ingredients together cost around 250 which is a lot of money for detox products, but if it helps you to pass the test why not? I will write a complete step by step guide for the Macujo method. If you have any question regarding hair drug test and how to pass it, please comment below.

Details about detox drinks for drug test

Detoxing drink is one of the simplest ways to clean your body and it also used to pass your drug test. There are 47 types of recipes are available in this detox drinks and it contains lots of nutrients and minerals contained in this drink. Once you are trying to use this drinks then you feel like excellent, because there are lots of nutrients and vitamin ingredients are added in this drink. These types of nutrients are used to keep your body fit and your body condition will improve very good and healthy. There are different ways are used to pass the urine test but in my point of view this detox drinks are really very safe and it has more benefits. It doesn’t produce any side effects to you.

The marijuana detox drinks are mainly used because it contains lots of herbal cleansers and minerals. If you take this cleanser drink, you will have to drink a large amount of water. Also you must keep in your mind take a large amount of water per day but not too much. Before to drink this detox drink you must shake well the bottle and then drink it. Then the cost of this drinks are $40 -70 and it’s really very useful for our health. If you want these drinks then you can order through online shopping stores. Many people prefer this drinks based on the customers online review. That’s really very wrong, sometimes the reviews are fake, so don’t trust their reviews. First of all check that drinks details completely and then buy it. In some products of detox drinks are added some chemicals in the drink, that is really very danger, it affects your health, before going to take detox drinks for drug test you must check which type of integrants are added in the drink and then go for it.